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Zion I

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Date de parution : 05/11/2010

Durée : 0:02:34

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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Sitting in the oven is hot, and people buggin'
The world's seperatin', i'm thinking with my cousin,
This life's quickening, yea, so sickening.
You've seen highlander, you won't miss a thing.
Descend from a long lineage of brave kings,
Working class people everyday, fighting.
The blade striking, where my hand writing
Attack is increased, release lightning.
Swing ma hammer like ma nickname thor,
But we children of the sun so we spit amen ra
Beg your par'? come sit on my starship, click
Light speed, catapult into orbit. ah,
The dark star yea, we going back home,
The ancestors always told me, "act grown,"
I came through, got back, get better,
The body here and now, but the spirit lasts forever.

And "that's a mighty long, time" they say,
When any given moment it could be, judgement day
We get down, though it seems like a set up,
Love conquers always, you've gotta keep your head up.

Love conquers always, gotta keep your head up. (x2)

The clock, doubling time, to push the button,
Relaying you're enlighten, ahmen is what i'm writing,
My life, a device to magnetize mics, iiinsight
Could take flight inside your own life.
I see we in for a change, we on ice,
To soar on, ima get my roll on, i'm
So sore, my flow form is go on
Undefeated and my style is impetuous,
Get your groove on, move like exodus.
This for the people holla jah!
Put up your hands in the air like wah,
So blessed we word of flesh, the vibration
Installation pure fresh, success is a part of the get back
Pray up, stay in tune with the crip track,
And get dat to the people that need, more strength and god as proceed,
Indeed, we can implant another seed, and get down though it seems like a setup
Love conquers always, gotta keep your head up. (x3)

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