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Action Bronson

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So give me that reason
I told you i loved you already, bitch, what the fuck?

Shawl neck on the drunk lawyer
Coke shits in the toilet
Turkey sandwich in aluminium foil
The game been fixed
I don't play that shit
I aim that shit
If she looking at another mother fucker than you leave that bitch
I don't play that shit
Hear me
Left hand is steering
In a amadu diablo
Shit i got the urge to get a earring
Image in the rearview mirror like timothy leary
Don't even come near me
I keep it thug with a gun near me
Your boy been eating on the run clearly
Clear the run-way
720's on a one way
So much drugs, what would a nun say?
And its sunday
Shit, i don't really give a fuck
All i really want to do is see my people up
Up to no good again
She threw the condom tell me put it in
I did, fuck
I nutted in like three strokes
Now that's no way to rep the east coast
Every day i'm walking with my head up
Don't let up 'cause it's a set-up
Like albanian marriage go from haiti to paris
The bath was 90 degrees
Tapping heinies with ease
Bitch please i'm the bee's knees
Shooting (?) three cc's
Peep the landscape
You can catch me in the trees like the the shift of the pancakes

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