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Mars And Vans

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Verse 1:
I know it's hard to believe
That every day is a beautiful day
When every day seems to waste away.

And when tomorrow never comes
And the minutes feel like hours
And the hours feel like days

Is your night
And when you're scared of falling, look up
And see where you are

Believe me
You're not alone now
I can see you smiling inside at the turn of the tide; it's amazing
And maybe
You'll see the light shine
You gotta pick yourself up, and with luck you'll see the world light up
Tonight's your night
'cause you're amazing

Verse 2:
I know hard it is to dream
When you're only left feeling afraid
You've given up on the plans you made

But things aren't always as they seem
They can turn back the right way
'cause today is a beautiful day



'cause you're amazing