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Doug Balmain

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Theres an angel inside this amber glass bottle,
I feel her warmth inside me with every swallow.
When im with her im never afraid,
Cause she eases my mind and she takes away my pain.

Ive got a hold of this whiskey and i aint got a care,
With this warm amber liquor im free from despair.
Ill raise up my bottle and take another pull,
Sit back n smile as i feel it ease my soul.

It seems this fallen angel has lied to me,
Things with her aint near as good as she made them out to be.
I no longer want her hangin around,
My souls been lost and it cannot be found.

Ive got a hold of this whiskey but its takin hold of me,
Without my bottle its getting hard to breathe.
Ive had enough but i cant put it down,
This bottle might land me six feet in the ground.

Theres a demon inside this dark baleful liquid,
It took my warm life, now im pale and frigid.
It said it would take my sorrow and pain,
But all its done is bring more of the same.

Now this whiskeys got a hold of me and i aint got a prayer,
For one last time ill raise my glass in the air.
And when the boys lower me down in that hole,
The marker at my head will read just another poor drown soul.

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