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Ringo Starr

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By roger brown

If you're gonna be famous,
I know just where you should be.
Steppin' out on a stage somewhere
In the land of opportunity.

And if you're gonna be big time,
Bigger than any mouse short size.
You ought to be in america
And i am gonna tell you why.

In america you can steal the hearts,
See sights that's yet unseen.
They'll make you famous overnight
In america, a mouse's dream.

Me father learned a lot in london,
And one day he told me, "son,
If you wanna know where the stars are born,
Well, i, i can tell you where it's done."

Now i'm simply ordinary,
So i may be where i may be.
But there's just one place in the whole wide world
I know for a mouse like you to be.

And that's america where you will find
The grass of greener green.
The fine you'll find is super fine
In america, a mouse's dream.

Just imagine new york city,
Just imagine old broadway.
Don't you wish that you were there right now?
Don't you wish that you were on your way?

To america where the streets are of gold,
Although i've never been
I'm sure it's true, 'cause i've been told,
America's a mouse's dream.


A waiter in a white jacket came hurtling towards him, he was about to thread on scouse when scouse noticed that the door beside him was slightly open. he dodged inside and stood still in the room for a moment.

"that was a narrow squeak!"
In a large bed, covered by a silk quilt, propped up against satin pillows, surrounded by crayons and pieces of paper, dolls, stuffed animals, sat a small girl.
"oh, good! you can talk!"
"doesn't it surprise you?"
"no, all the animals in my dreams speak."
"i'm not a dream, i'm scouse the mouse. i'm going to be famous! i can talk, i can sing, i learnt it from the telly."
"you're a dream! you're a dream! you're a dream!"

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