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Let me smile a little while i'd like to sing a song
Wrap it in a candy coat that pleases everyone and the seed is sewn
That's what they want to know
For it will keep you slow and it will quell the rogue
Sung from every podium and singing through the shrines
A testament to triumph of the will of human kind and they play it slow
Listen to every note
And how does it go?
Just look in the mirror
Sing me an american chorus, sing it for us, don't let 'em down
If you sing well they'll adore us, we're a chorus!
But i'll keep letting you down
Darkness settles in the west, a curtain of the sound
To smother any discontent and keep the truth unfounded
In time you'll see just what they want you to see
And you may not agree but you will be broken

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