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Mathis & Michael

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She takes a drink before she blots her lips
Quiet through the door
And sure to pick up her tips
Shes sure to leave before he turns over
Facing her choices
Is too hard when shes sober

Shes been to meetings
But its more of a cry for help
Wont share her story
Goes home and starts cutting herself

You may turn your head when you see her on the street
But before you judge her by her defeat

Just know
Shes an american daughter
Mama ran off and left her to the slaughter
16 going on 45
Lucky if she hits 18 alive
She cant remember her father
Shes an american daughter

She checks the pipe before she clicks to light
Hopin the cocaine
Will keep her warm through the night
She stands alone where the cops dont patrol
Flaggin down a ride
And giving up all control

Shes got her reasons
Why she wont ever ask for help
Would you trust people
Given the hand that shes been dealt?

You may find yourself thinking she could be much more
But are you willing to open that door?

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