Paroles de American dream

Michael Chenkus

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Nothin' fancy. throw on some blue jeans and rent a car
Praying we end up far from where we are tonight
And knowing we'll enjoy the ride
With the top down, our hands in the air
Might sound crazy, but lately i don't care
I'm changing all the rules tonight
In my american dream

I'm going out when the sun goes down
I'll be running when my feet hit the ground
Like a rebel without a cause- i want it all
In my american dream

I got a sixty-two impala ss 409
Cruisin' the freeway, no more nine to five
Lights go down and everybody's ready
For that big time saturday night
With thirty thousand people on old jennings road
Groovin' to my music, singing "way oh way oh"
I love to imagine it could happen to me
In my american dream


The sweetest things in life don't come easy.
You gotta keep the faith. keep on american dreamin!

Guitar solo
Chorus 2x