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Circle Jerks

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The japanese are buying up on guitars
Invade our beaches, driving cars
Hondas, toyotas, insuzurus
Fight 'em beat 'em got a lot to loose
Fenders, gibsons, stack 'em high
Stack 'em up against the sky
Speakers blasting, blasting in vans
Make them wish they didn't land


1, 2, 3
It's an american heavy metal weekend
It's an american heavy metal weekend

The english, sure we'll give 'em a break
With their hiwatts and their marshalls
It started here make no mistake
It's alway real and never fake
Platform boots and puffy hair
Gotta raise and scare
Metal merchants peddle their wares
No u.s. made buyer beware


What i want, what i need is
Made here in the u.s.a.
Never ashamed, always proud
Always hard, always loud
Amplifiers vibrate across the globe
Send those rats in their holes


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