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Ian Hunter

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I have a dream, it's only one dream
But i know dreams can come true
And i have a wish, it's only one wish
But i know wishes can too

I wanna be far away from here
With those honky tonk heroes
Burnin' my ears, oh

Love american music
I play it all night long
Just me n' records
N' a vivid imagination

I love to dance in the mirror
I practice every single word
And it seems to me american music
Is all i've ever heard

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
It's lonely on the underground
I sit and watch my world go
Round n' round n' round n' round n' round
I sit and watch the world go round

I hear the sons of memphis
I hear the brothers or harlem
I hear the nashville cats
N' the rag time mamas outta new orleans

I hear the windy city
I hear a gospel singers hymn
And it seems to me
American music is all there's ever been

C'mon baby, oh, oh, oh, oh, ooh ooh
I love the names of the cities
I hear the echo echoing
And it seems to me american music
Is all there's ever been

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