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G: godd evening
This is mr. gorbachev-
R: hello
This is the white house
Ronald reagan speaking-
G: hello
My old friend
How are you today ?
R: fine ! it's time for our daily chess-match
Are you ready ?
G: yes
My last move yesterday was the queen from a6 to b6-

They both send their weapons into space-
Their people's problems they seem to displace-
The arms-race is what they can't negotiate-
Why ain't it chess about what they debate ?

What went wrong on the gulf of iran ?
Why did the russians invade afghanistan ?
Why not save the money for the armaments

And be chess-partners in the turnament ?

Reagan and gorbachev play chess on t.v.-
The senat is giving a party on the sea-
The nuclear war will forever be banned-
It's only their kings which they have to defend.

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