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Angie Aparo

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It's big business i'm gonna own a funeral home
'cause half this town's gonna kick off any day
I'm tired of hanging at the super 10
My parents don't like any of my friends
I'm 18 and i am out of here

It's big business i think i'll learn to play the guitar
I'll make a record make a million dollars
And make love to any girl i want
But right now i'm living out of my truck
And leaving home don't feel so glorious

I'm 21 and i don't know where i'm from
Confused american teenage tale
Mental aggravation
I got social overload information

Funny how what you thought was straight
Turns in a circle path
'cos now i'm teaching my children
Talking like my dad

I know one day they'll be breaking free
Hating what they think they know about me
But that's 18 and that's alright
Yeah, that's 18, hell, ain't it fine?

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