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Lupe Fiasco

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(verse 1 - lupe fiasco)
Hey bitch
You smell like my old pussy
The phone calls you send out last night is probably being recorded
Just know that i did it for the four of us
And those mutherfuckers kept ignorin us
After this im going underground
If they come asking give them the run-around
How does costa rica in the summer sound?
Couple days then we moving to another town
Yea i know them dreams, seems
Just know that timell never come between
Space either, fake features
Things that we reject but connects all us believers
The insurrections gone viral
Theyll never stop it now
I hope it all spirals
Outta control, like a dam with a hole
From here on out its all about survival
The way we left things they probably think we rivals
But dont be naive, they hate you more than i do
Remember always speak in opposites, i hate you so much, its such a compliment
I know that defies the common sense, but we aint never been right: honestness
We never fit in school, and never did rules, but whod a thought wed turn out bombing shit

Im giving you a nightcall to tell you how i feel
I want to drive you through the night down the hills
Im gonna tell you something dont want to hear
Im gonna show you where its dark but have no fear

(verse 2 - lupe fiasco)
He said he was just so tired, of them fighting our water with fire
He said that we need something drier, to really impress the empire
Funny cause he really hated war, but why we went to war is what he really hated more
Said its silly how that our schools make us stupid and our jobs make us poor
When he came back from the corps, is when he really got serious
Read a lot of books, started acting all mysterious
The va is what really made him furious, told him his condition didnt exist, period
Thats why he started that petition, went all the way to washington, said they didnt listen to a white male christian
He just laughed when they took our fathers pension
He said that you gotta act in opposites, helps you hide your tracks when you stand up to the dominant
But i knew he felt bad, told me later was the saddest day he ever had
To see our dad so hopeless, that was the turning point thats what really gave him focus
I didnt agree with everything, some of it made sense
But never thought that he would do something like this


(verse 3 - lupe fiasco)
I know you dont watch but your brother was on tv
Couple guys in black suits came around to see me
They went through all your books and took all of your cds
My granny said youd be all right, she saw it in the tea leaves
All the operations going well, had a lotta contact from all the other cells
Everybody, everywhere is calling you a hero
They going through the rubble, but the body count is zero
Its all violent and bloodless, i know the government really loves this
This account is hacked, you know how to keep in touch
Ill never see you again, i hate you so much

Theres something inside you
Its hard to explain
Theyre talking about you boy
But youre still the same


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