Paroles de Amerikkka

Da Grym Reefer

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(verse 1)
My people came from africa (shit)
We had all the land
Came to america
They told me that i'm not a man

He said my name is nigger
And then he aimed his trigger
At my wife and killed my first born
As she delivered

They took my god away
And took my native tongue
Took the name that my father gave me
For another one

They said i couldn't read
They told me not to breed
They said i had no vote
They said i couldn't speak

They treat us like some things
They know we once were kings
We went from that
To trying to get respect as human beings

Left us to starve and die
Then filled us up with lies
Split us up in sides
And add some salty genocide

You've got the melting pot
And now it's getting hot
And now your kids can't go to school
For fear of getting shot

So blame the gangs and thugs
Or the kids and the drugs
Or suck it up
And admit this shit was fucked up
From the set-up.

I though this
Was america
I thought we're supposed to be free

Is this
It sure ain't free for me
For me
For me

(verse 2)
I spell trouble like mayday
A nigga that you love to hate
Like oshae or oj
Maybe that's why i spell america
With three ks
Or why i spell freedom with an ak

The place where i stay is so love hate
Cuz niggaz hate love
But they love hate

Can't say why they want the nigga dead in me
When they're the reason
Why the shit is even bred in me...

But i could see the cops
Or these niggaz putting lead in me
My only choices are to die or live

Don't call the feds on me
Two strikes
Don't need another felony
The system's already hell on me

Just trying to live peacefully and legally
In a world that treats me so evilly

Can you tell me what's the difference
When they yell freeze
From when they used to hang us from
Sycamore tree's in amerikkka?

(chorus x2)

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