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Date de parution : 17/09/2010

Durée : 0:03:

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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Say ur da light of liberty
But u hold another man n captivity
How ur gon xplain that?
Its not a lie its da truth its a fact

Nvaded another mans land
Cuz u say he had wmds n his hand
U killed da wrong man
And 4 dese thing n judgment u will stand

Amerykha, amerykha, amerykha (repeat)

Its all pie n da sky
We dont mourn when our soldiers die
Its all about da money
I dont care about nobody but me
I want material things along wit my suv

Da 1st black president never at his resident
(ha ha) but we suppose to be happy
Cuz we got a white house knee-gro over we

Afraid of our government it operates without consent
So we only go so far with our dissent
Well be jailed lose our jobs if we make da wrong comment
Just ask da dixie chicks

My hide u wanna fry 4 stepping on your pride
Talkin about yo country
If u dont like amerykha git da hell out
Besides u dont know what ur talkin about

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