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The Midway State

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Last night everything was so overplayed, and my mom, she's the sweetest but not you, babe. so make friends cause people they're what make you happy, make amends cause please baby you make me happy. well i'm going to miss you amie leaving me from the sill, its your last night beside me maybe i'll take this pill so i can ease the heartache and maybe make it through and so when you leave yeah when you go i wont try to catch you. on my own, eating sweets and waiting loathing, for that day you'll return and sell me your clothing, when you go, ill spend all my time here waiting eighty-eight keys which to press for compensating. i'll call. i'll never loose your place inside me, and i'll fall. i'll always try to forget july. if i leave, wait. no, wait i won't let myself, and if i find someone else i might make it through.

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