Paroles de Amnesia

Stan Ridgway

pochette album Amnesia
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Date de parution : 15/03/2002

Durée : 0:02:53

Style : New Age

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Remember me when it's over
Remember me when it's done
Remember me when it's rainin'
Remember mecci'm the one

And if somewhere i let you down
Or ever made you blue
Remember me for the way it was
And i'll remember you

Remember me when you're happy
Flyin' free in the sky
At 3 a.m. and the car door slams
Remember me when you're high

Remember me when the picture fades
Or your doctor makes a call
Remember me just for old time's sake
Or you just might forget it all

And everybody's got lessons they must learn
These days i feel a lot less time to burn
What one love will lose another love will « learn (earn? ) »

Remember me when it's midnight
Or when it's hot and high noon
Or when the wind won't stop blowin' cold
Or when you heat up your spoon

Remember me when you feel alone
Helpless, without a clue
Remember me for the way it was
And i'll remember you

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