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Date de parution : 24/04/2007

Durée : 0:03:14

Style : Electronic

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Box of l's
Hydro i gotta box of l's
I gotta pocket full of- pocket full of- pocket full of hydro
Stomp pump pump imma lap it all tight
Gotta pocket full of- pocket full of-
Who is this?
I gotta-
Hydro i gotta box of l's
I gotta-
G-g-g-get out- get out the way imma mad one
Real talk real shit gang real thick
Turn 'em off an' turn 'em on like a light switch
Switch the visual concept your mind playin' style infinite possible placement of intent
Double tense marvelous potential to grasp this
Pass this infamous tactics atlantics
Silver ripple poly rhythm with some magic trick stretched double dipped kick flip
Flip lip linguistics
Grip tip in a corolite centric mell metaphor twist it stutter and a slam
Poly-rhythmic stretch double stretched double dipped kick

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