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(verse 1: issa gold)
They say you pavin' ways, make the change but
How am i supposed to when these people slaves? but
When i find the truth hidden inside my brain
Elevate, don't hesitate or watch them do the same
I'm a third eye shooter, light bearin' from the feet up
Zombie gang, nigga we up, brainfeeder, tell 'em keep up
Ain't it funny the ones that they thought was goin' insane
Is the same ones thats about to come change the game?
Ah-ha, think i'm dreamin', voila
See bullshit in my life
Send my spirit up high
And now the sun child rise
And i'm just here to pave the way
For the ones walkin' the road but don't know where it's safe
For the ones livin' like slaves but they know they need change
For the ones that don't look inside but they stuck in the fake
Take a look inside, everything you need was given, fuck them odds
Hit the top, but it's easier to see between the lines

(hook: issa gold)
So what you want, huh? so what you want, huh?
The world is yours my nigga, better get your cup bruh
Now it switch it up uh, don't give it up, nah
Create your world my nigga, better live it up bruh
I said big shit poppin', little shit fuckin' droppin'
Indigo here to stay, my nigga no way to stop it
Big shit poppin', little shit fuckin' droppin'
If you want it you can have it motherfucker it's your option

(verse 2: ak)
Ua save the day, kundalini keep consciousness raised
Like a slaughter harness my ways now we towin' by with the grace
So elevate, motherfucker don't ever drive with the fake
My soul my bass rate, go no brakes, i show no hate, just motivate
Go the hardest, a million souls
Bestowed with illest knowledge, know we 'bout it
Now watch me tower off a hit of chronic
Lead the way, still positive rays and it's gonna ricochet
Woke up in the morning, thank the lord, feel like the shit today
Product of my class, didn't pass but i knew my math
This shot of this energy for sure, i'm gon' get something back
Keep it goin', they tax,
They strapped with the coldest raps, keep your dome attached, uh
Live in the moment, put your all in, the world's in your hands lord
Momma said keep dreamin' now, i'm lucid when you see me livin'
Freely blowin' potent, fully focused to (?)
Momma said keep dreamin' now, i'm lucid when you see me livin'
Freely blowin' potent, fully focused to (?)

(hook: issa gold)

(outro: issa gold)
Motherfucker it's your option
Motherfucker it's your option

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