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The Vibrators

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My whole world's turned amphetamine blue,
Now i'm livin' without you.
My whole world's turned amphetamine blue,
An' i don't know what i'm gonna do.

Well she up an' left me just the other day,
I thought that she was foolin' an' wouldn't go away.
We had our ups an' downs baby i know,
Promise never to argue if you won't go.

Well i can't face my room alone tonight,

I'd rather walk the city 'til broad daylight.
She was the best girl i had for sure,
Couldn't believe she'd go out through that door.

If you're desperate sure any girl'll do,
But she was someone i could talk to.
I never really appreciated what she'd done.
But she was the one i set my heart on.

An' i don't think i'm gonna come through.

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