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George Watsky

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Chorus (rafael casal)
I get up, when you get down to this
Keep cool, but still get loud to this
When it drops just can't deny
The mic's turned off but i'm amplified
So if you want to ride
This young son will come out tonight
And this one tongue will give out the vibe
With this mic off i'm still amplified (amplified)

Verse 1
We don't just write poems, we got a mic jones (mike jones!)
Giving a fuck, ripping it up in different time zones
I know it's so apropos that it's gotta be said
I was flowing so hard in the car off the top of my head when i drove home
That my own flows gave me road dome
So go bone man fuck it if you're celibate
Fuck the music if you do it cause you're selling it
Well equipped, man we do it for the hell of it, never delicate hella ripped off the elements
Earth wind fire water top rock echo box
Yo man we got cosby doing jello shots
I've been tellin em the melanin's irrelevant i'm yellin and you'll feel it from the ceiling to the sediment
Intelligent epic and reppin the bay
You're tripping if youre thinking that you're getting away


Verse 2
The sun is coming up and running through me
Weather is getting better, don't be gloomy
Let's get together, gather up and get it moving and if you don't like my motherfuckin music
Sue me
A new me. a new reason to be. so unseasonably fine
The ill summer grill serving supper with free sides
Cut to the b side
It's watsky covered in batter and butter and refried
The speakers are pushing the roof
The tweeters the woofers are proof
The meters are up in the booth
The subs, the mids, the highs the highers the lows the cones all bump
Duh we're amped, that's the god damn truth
We flowing low in this moment only to sew and be growing over the roses and now that we broke it open we know that we're dope enough we're hoping no one just can't get live
This is how we get amplified


Verse 3 (rafael casal)
Yeah i got something to speak on
On the kind of song once heard you just keep on
We out in cali here keeping the trees blown
So lean on me, need more gain than freeman
Turn me up a little i'ma get a reaction
Yeah the game's filled up with a little distraction
But i'm passionate, yes, somewhat of a manson
Here to murder words, maybe hold the rest of em ransom
Wondering what i'm gonna do to blow all them lids back
I tell em to get back, that's how we leave an impact
In track-form, if you don't feel me then give me my disc back
And be ready to get you a diss track
Shit man i'm playing but somewhat of a monster
When i get down to laying these songs
So we'll be there at a concert
Playing as loud as the bay will allow
Watsky, good thing you're around to lead the crowd

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