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Soilent Green

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Date de parution : 18/09/2001

Durée : 0:02:06

Style : Alternative

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Her mother used to hit her
To an uncontrolled consumption
Of an absolute solution
Experience with drug abuse
Taking this drug of peace
Slowly taking its toll

Never question, love through addiction
Collecting this emptiness
Recollect a calm self centered guess
Every broken promise

To bleed the soul free
Faith is not the answer
A promise that must end

Left her standing to face her own way
Face to face
Thought you could
Never thought you would
Fall this steep

Overdose intentional
5 or 6 times
For reasons being to die

Broken out fight
Unable to focus
Late night on knees
Scraping scarred brush burns
A lethal move for ecstasy

Lying curled up in the corner of the bathroom
Hung over from the night before
A wrong signal for an intertwined love affair
Putting yourself in a disaster over a childish dare

Eyes opening to a smooth trail of blood on the floor
Leading to the trash can next to the door

You wanted to be intimate, he wanted to fuck
Skill of prostitution down the drain for one more dose

Indulge in the innocence of each other's addiction
Sitting next to your mate doing drug time
Vintage lust for a lost modern age

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