Paroles de An american christmas

Jeff Dunham

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Date de parution : 07/12/2008

Durée : 0:03:26

Style : Spoken Word

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Just thinking of christmas
Makes me want to cry
Cuz thats the time of year that my back was never dry

We climb out of the ryder truck and race across the sand
Crawl beneath the fence and swim across the rio grande

It's an american christmas for my family
While the border control is home by there christmas tree
We sold everything we had just to get here
And if we get deported we just do it again next year

My brother has a good job
Working in l.a.
He brought us up from juarez and this is where we stay.

Mama cooks chimmy changas while papa drives the drives the roach coach truck
I get work by standing in the home depot parking lot

It's american christmas for my family
Illegal *????* undocumented to me.
Everybody say there happy if i was gone
Do they need someone to wash there car and mow there lawns

They dont welcome people here who sneak in from my land
*something something something* from the micronesian land
Even though mexico may have been the place of my birth
Can you blame me for want to come to the greatest place on earth?

Its american christmas in a small house with a yard
This year i'm asking santa for a green card
I dont want to go back and have to make another round trip
For christmas i just want one thing, my citizenship.

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