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Wally Boy Wonder

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You single?
Female: i'm single
You mingle?
Female: i mingle
When together our
Bodies tingle
You and i girl
Together we'll take
On the world

Feel the cool air
From a shady tree
We'll spark a flame
Just you and me
Me a city boy, you
A country queen
You love the home
Life, me a busy bee
Tv, flicks, and
Rhyming three
Trades that wally do
On these mean
Street avenues
Tippin wheat saint
Paulie's brew
Eat beats
Sweat sheets
On our rendezvous
Thunderstorms when
The sky is blue
You as high as me, me
As high as you
I love those thighs when
You're flying flew
I love your eyes when you're
Flying though
Look up in the sky
Spot orions shoes
Ajf six low
The mix soul
I spit flow
Her lips glow
Move those hips
The tide is rising
I'll go ahead and row
Together girl
We'll grow slow


Time to let that feather go
As long as we have
Each other
Our family grows
Sidewalks to a country road
Affection showed
Connections code
Direction slowed
Reflections mode
I reach these goals when
I get there
Can't make it this far
Without prayer
Nor without my angel by
My side swear
Don't make me kill this
Mic dare
Blimps landing over times
Let y'all know my kind's rare
Intolerance signed
Still on the grind
Find that the family guy is
You and i
Fellows treat your ladies with
Shampoo and wine
She'll sing lullabies, life
So divine
Stars collide then combine
She's the last of nine
Shows class and her
Smile shines

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