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These lights, this city
Under their waves my mind begins to drift away
Such malice beneath beauty
Would send anyone looking for a safer place

Like home, am i alone
If i break, is there somewhere i can be whole again
Is there a safe haven
Somewhere to heal from the assisted self-inflicted pain

From my failures
Because something's dying
Down inside of me
Can't shake this, this feeling

Sickle stares that believe they reach the heart of me
An insistence and persistence
Of sifting through until they find the deepest, darkest deeds
In this home, sweet home

I sleep with one eye open and hide from the day
Inspected, dissected
Laid open for the triggermen
To fire away at my failures

Something's dying
Down inside of me
Is this feeling, is this real
Well, it must be something

From nothing, nothing comes
I've seen in dark places
Small flames cutting through
Where there were none before

So simple, so precious
But still small, still open, still vulnerable
And this home, away from home
This shelter from the ever present enemy

Has kept score and closed doors
Brightest fires kept inside close and comfortable
From the failure but the fire is dying
Down inside of me with all my failures
Something's dying down inside of me

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