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Alanis Morissette

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i had high expectations
It's something i could not compromise
And when i saw you i wasn't ready
It completely took my heart by surprise

Who...and when i think of the time i met you
The situation looked harmless
It wasn't long before i got confused enough
And soon i realized that your...

Love is just an emotion away
I know it's gonna get to you
Love will be only a moment away
A moment away you know it's true

Lately the way i'm feeling
It's something i could never have planned
I knew that one day i'd find a love thing
Now i'll never stop believing in chance

I put my heart on a shelf forever
I never thought i would find you
I didn't know any better baby
But then i realized that your...

Repeat chorus

Love is crazy love love is crazy and soon you're gonna get some (ad-lib

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