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Awesome Car Funmaker

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Down at mister moneys, they will pay for acquired loot
Cameras, vcrs, stereos for cars, to resell for profit to boot

Mr. money acts a bit funny, but he will make you a deal
He don't care about who what or where, as long as he
Knows your not gonna squeal

Lord, a call for piracy, south park street style

Can you smash a window, waiting in the dark
Is your hood ornament your jolly roger
Do you plunder then throw to the sharks

Lord, a call to piracy
Hey, come and get some booty
Hey, come and get some booty booty booty booty

Hide your women and children
Hide your peanuts and beer
It's take or get taking, it's time to get shaking
Time to the booty out of here

Lord, a call for piracy

Hey, come and get some booty

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