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She lays awake at night
This ain't the way she wants it
It hurts so bad she cries herself to sleep
She can't have the body of a model
She wants it because she reads it in the magazines
- chorus -
Analog boy in a digital world
Don't be so digital
Analog boy in a digital world
Turn off your radio
We're so helpless to our technology
I don't want to be controlled by machines
Analog boy in a digital world
Turn off your radio
- -
Don't be so digital
Our parents wonder why kids are growing up so fast
Conform, believe anything on tv
Buy your identity soon
And let the channel change you
- chorus -
I couldn't believe my eyes when i woke up this morning
I looked at the sidewalk and there was a million people dressed the same
Who answered their cell phones at the same time
And all popped a pill for the same disorder
Can't be fat, no we can't have that
We're so far gone
Don't you see that we're so far gone
- chorus -
Well i'm giving up
Gonna do it right this time

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