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Lions Among Us

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Date de parution : 02/10/2012

Durée : 0:03:24

Style : Heavy Metal

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Hollow out my chest.
Then, you can see how i truly feel
I may not have it all figured out,
But i'm striving for something real.

These bones are brittle
But my spirit will not be shaken
For i hold the keys
To a life the world has forsaken.


Spend you whole life striving for meaning
That was staring you right in the face.
Who would have known that with just one spark
We'd tear the roof right off this place

No longer will i stay broken
Like the way that i was in the past
I will take the time that i have left
And i will try to make it last

Verse 2
How much faster does your heart beat
When you're six feet under ground


Drive drive drive till i get it home
I wont stop till every one knows
This is the reason why im alive
This is the reason why i deal with all the pain that's inside

No longer will i hide my faith
Like a skeleton from my past
While most things fade away
I'll show you one thing that will last

This is who i am.



And i will try to make it last.

Break down

What is life with out passion?
What is life without love?

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