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Sunny Pompeii

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Looking round i think it's gonna be a good year
Get dressed up i'll call you when i'm almost near and dear we'll cruise
Out past all the other cars to where the sky fills up with stars and we can be lit up

Seven days are slipping through my fingers like hard, hard earned pay
They're chiming in a chorus of church bells singing change
And when it passes through my mind like an anchor in the sky i try to pin it up

What a view (everyone is safe and sound everyone is underground)
The year is through (funny how the things we want just have a way of coming round)
Round and round we go

When we reel our anchor in we'll learn to stop to play pretend
No enemies and no more friends, no vinegar no saccharine
When the sun decides to die, all our outsides and our insides
They will be lit up

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