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Date de parution : 17/04/2001

Durée : 0:06:17

Style : Heavy Metal

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Beneath the fullmoon
Covered in gloomy clouds
Obscure funeral spirits
Evil shadows on haunted ground

Every night they rise again
To meet the lords of death again
They live on as souls in eternity
Forced by ancient entity

Through the mist i see
A circle around gathered souls
In the mist i do believe
In sacred power of ancient kind

Knights of satan, dead boy's choir
Ten or more around a fire
Invoking dragons and demons this event
They are not the ones that god has sent

I heard them whisper...

"as you reach the border to the unknown land
Or when you are visited by the great lord of darkness
Take your time, have in mind and remember
This is not supposed to be a comfortable land..."

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