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Date de parution : 15/04/2008

Durée : 0:03:1

Style : Rock

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Bitter bloodstained tears
Filling my sadened eyes
From personal fears
And all once told lies

The anger inside
Waiting for tomorrow
Sinful suicide
Wrapped in the cause of sorrow

At the fiery gates
With hate i resign
Though i'll be forever more
Even the dead can die
Marching on and on
Experience the dismal fate
Through the hellish scorn
Gather beyond the gates

Reality now slips away
Death is the only way
The moonlight is my blanket
And my bed is a grave
Life ends so sadly
With tears pain and grief
All my loved ones gone
And i'm rotting with belief

And so is life
At it's end
Never to be
More again
Entered at all
With belief
A life
I never lived

I end my life
I kill myself
Accept this death
With open arms
A piercin' pain
When i cut it all
From life to death
I breathe my last breath

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