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Bill Anderson

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I remember how once upon a time
Before i could even phone you i had to borrow a dime
I had nothing to give you and still you said you'd be mine
Lord these were the good years
A big night on the town for us used to be
Just two glasses of wine on our first anniversary
Oh i know you could have more but you stuck by me those were the sweet years
But i wasn't happy though you were complained
I wanted to give you more than just my name
I wanted to buy you not wine but champagne and then came the hard years
Cause i started working harder and longer than ever before
Just to buy you all the things that you never even asked me for
And i never noticed but you changed more and more those were the sad years
But the price of success just kept goin' up
And even when i had it all i didn't want to stop
For some reason it became importanted to me to stay on the top
Those were the selfish years
And then i stopped one minute of my busy day
I felt like something was missing and what i couldn't say
And when i realized that it was love that had died away and then came the bad years
(then came the bad years)

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