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The Chariot

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Date de parution : 28/08/2012

Durée : 0:02:34

Style : Rock

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Maybe i should speak.
We can count our blessings in the rain.
Talking is so cheap, save the parlor tricks,
Count your money alone.
Holding on to the free.
I want to show you all what i mean.
Careful what you say and never
Underestimate the wait. i know you
Hear the songs that we could sing but
Do not stay. i hope you know the change.
I love the change and now we got the change,
We make the song sound like what we want.
Who am i to tell you what is wrong?
Talking is so cheap, so save the politics,
You can never get rid of me.
I tell you everything, i write it down.
(whats the destination?)
Well, i sew my body to yours so
That i can speak but my serpent-hands
Are holding me, but, my razor tongue
Will fix it all away. it might be two dimensional,
But the story is great. i sew my body to yours
So as i can see the lovers in the front row and
All the ghosts in the back seat. i sew my body
To yours, so as i am free. there's two versions
Of my fate... and so we shall see. put me in the dirt.

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