Paroles de Andelmans' yard

Mike Gordon

pochette album Andelmans' yard
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Date de parution : 26/01/2009

Durée : 0:06:1

Style : Pop

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If you could go back to your old town
But this time dig a hole and tunnel underground
You'd be doing what i do
When i'm dreaming hard in a maze of tunnels
In the andelmans' yard

I forgot my problems or so it seems
I was able to leave them in another dream
But i got my friends and we're running hard
A few feet beneath the fallen leaves
In the andelmans' yard

When your voice is loud and i'm feeling small
And i dont even feel like saying anything at all
Don't be concerned if i'm caught off guard
My mind was trying to burrow like a groundhog
In the andelmans' yard

Sometimes when it's dark and the dirt is damp
I pop up my head and i don't know where the hell i am
Then i take my mission back to my old boulevard
I got things to rearrange beneath the surface
Of the andelmans' yard

When everyone around's using surface talk
And all the folks seem similar everywhere you walk
To cut beneath those layers like a glass shard
Come with me to my old streeet and we'll run beneath
The andelmans' yard

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