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Date de parution : 09/09/2009

Durée : 0:02:44

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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Shan vdp: open up the lion's jaw, pandora's frying pan/ riding on leviathans fins with a nine and in nine minutes time will align with the iron hands/ stand-up, defying all cancerous lies/ can't stand over tides which crash in pits with fish/ witch-crafted this quick list of which batch of bitch cats should be castrated/ locked off already/ sharp off the top, walk with mohawk machetes/ fan-blade their lips, cause their talk's often petty/ can't break for shit but i can still rock and steady shock/ stop the whole jam/ walk unknown lands/ fuck the future in its mouth you talk and hold hands/ rabbit-hole cannibals that feast with sunclef/ we reap the nightfall and bleach the sunsets/ etched...on the flesh of the saints, is what's left...on the s from strange.
Derek d: evil eye trick pony, i've seen what lies in the cornea/ nothing but the oven... that you burn your vibe with/ i've seen the knife collide with some goliath-sized pricks/ uppercut cause they fuckin' love lobotomizing/ tell me what you saw, heard you talk a lot of baccala, go what right off the golden gate bridge with a sock in it/ but i got love, more contorted than abortion/ for the lives that suck/ exit the 5x5 corporate embarrassment, delilah wasn't sly enough to lie up in a private room with derek/ go find some other guy who seems so alive, inside he's only perished, incisors fully glaring, in silence i'll be there to flick on the lights/ make you see that all you see is all see-through, don't mean if i seem cruel but i'm an honest man
Shan vdp: give me a four-leaf clover and i'll speak out the box/ hop-scotch across the planets when i vanish/ the pen blends with finesse trends and ends with your best friend's head rested upon the black pedestal/ the last incredible lasted impression, i laugh at you last impression of trash, jack its terrible/ the cannibal masked man that acts past the truth/ mastering your masters suge knight you off the roof/

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