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Mi amor angelica and i swear angelica. mi amor angelica you wear the sombrero now and i swear angelica i'll be your caballero now. i don't know if this is my love it's even now or never since i met you i stop dreaming of someone better than you. shurely i'm in love no doubt about it, oh no but much to my surprise it means nothing to you. mi amor angelica... mi amor angelica can't be a pistolero now like don juan, angelica i wanna be your lover now. i don't get it if this is my glory to have you now or ever but even now as you see me this way i never knock on a locked door. mi amor angelica... just wanna be your lover now. uh angelica i love you i'll find another girl but not better than you, oh no oh this could be an unforgetable life, now i want you to know. now, and forever.

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