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It's just like heaven,being with you,
You're like an angel, too good to be true.
But after all,i love you,i do.
Angel baby, my angel baby.
When you are near me, my heart skips a beat,
I can hardly stand on, my own two feet,
Because i love you,i love you,i dooo
Angel baby. my angel baby.
Ooooh i love you. ooooh i do.
No one can love you,like i do.
Ohhh, oooh ooh ohh
From the first time, that i looked deep into your eyes,
You sent me off to heaven baby. body and mind,
Everything about you, is everything that i've dreamed of.
And now you're here beside me, my angel from above.

It's just like heaven, being with you dear,
I could never stay away, without you near.
Because i love you, i love you, i dooo.
Angel baby, my angel baby.
Angel baby, my angel baby!
Oooh i love you, ohhh i do!
No one can love you,like i do.

Ooooh ohhh oooh.
Oooh, oooh oooh

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