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pochette album Angel eyes
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Date de parution : 01/01/1983

Durée : 0:07:57

Style : Dance

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(denis lepage, denyse lepage)

Move up, energize
Beam on down to the other side
Move down, make it slide
Beam on up to the other side
Touch up, make me rise
I've got to move to the other side
Touch down, what a ride
You made me come to the other side

If you want (you'd like) me to
I would like to do
All the things you knew
The ones you made me do
Don't you want me to
Say you want me to
Do the things to you
The ones you want me to

(pre-chorus, repeat 2x)
I wanna see your angel eyes

(chorus, repeat 2x)
I just want to stay all night
Hold me baby, hold me
I just want to love you right
Love me baby, love me

(repeat verse)

(instrumental break)

(repeat chorus, 2x)

(repeat verse)

(repeat bridge)

(repeat pre-chorus, 2x)

(repeat chorus, 2x)

(instrumental break)

(repeat chorus and fade)

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