Paroles de Angel in the dark

Doro Pesch

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I always used to dread the dark
It reminded me of my empty heart
Lonely nights brought so much pain
And times i thought i would go insane

Had no one to talk to, nothing to do
Emotions ran from black to blue
I kept my thoughts bottled up inside
Felt so bad i thought i'd die

Yeah i have prayed
To the moon and stars
But i came out
All bruised and scarred
I never thought i would find a way
To see the light at the end of day
You saved my heart
You're my angel in the dark

Now darkness comes but i don't care
Because i know you'll be there
To keep me warm when the nights turn cold
Things like that stir my soul

I light a candle when you're gone
Then i don't feel so all alone
I see your spirit in the candlelight
It helps me make it through the night

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