Paroles de Angel tangled in the telephone lines

Amy Kuney

pochette album Angel tangled in the telephone lines
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Date de parution : 12/08/2008

Durée : 0:03:2

Style : Pop

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Verse 1:
I prayed i prayed on my knees
On my knees
Oh i prayed all night
My chin upon my chest
I prayed for a light
To help me get through this
And in the morning
Outside my window i see
I wasnt alone,
Help was on her way to me

Theres an angel tangled in the telephone lines
The telephone lines, the telephone lines
Would you say you built our city too high?
Our city too high, is sitting too high

Verse 2:
Hear sirens crying
We called the fire chief
And all his firemen
Came to cut the angel free
And she will bless them
They bow their heavy heads
This is as close to heaven
That they will ever get

We cant be too sure
According to the chief
Why our ropes are too short
Our ladders won't reach

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