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Concrete Blonde

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Date de parution : 07/10/2005

Durée : 0:07:49

Style : Alternative

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What if i said i've seen a miracle? what if i said my would you believe dreams come true? i have seen these things with my own eyes & & then go green & blue again saw the world go dark & dead you're my angel. you're my devil, too. raise your eyes & when you fall, know the sun & moon will rise & above this mad raging zoo lift you up in love, what if i told you with your scars & missing parts & your you were beautiful? painted face? what if i told you, you were very necessary to the chain, the vein, the children of a young & foolish race? you're my angel. you're my devil, too. when you fall, raise your eyes & know the sun & moon lift you up in love, will rise & above this raging zoo saw the future: what if i said i & the future was the what if i said to you to picture in your head? wake up in that future that you'd paint another picture & you'd painted, & you did?

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