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Roland Bowman

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Female voice: angel, angel, angel ,angel.
Male voice: i used to sleep, alone at night on the couch with a phone-book, under my head. then you came along, and made it allright. now we sleep together in your king size bed. i used to be a rolling stone maniac. it wasn't too cool. with too much stress, and too much strife. i was playin' the fool you were the love of my life.
Female voice: angel, angel your my, my sweet angel. angel. angel,angel your my, my sweet angel ,angel.
Male voice: your's is not, to question authority. but then maybe your much too blind to see. it's not easy living day to day. you thought i had somethin' more to say. so i'll cry till i cry me a river. things just havn't been the same. and i'll live by the sword, and die by the crown. angel of music. never to be found.
Female voice: angel, angel,angel,angel.

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