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Behold The Child

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Chorus: behold creature tenderly ive spoken
Shattered hopeful dominant gestures of doubt
Spoken silent dominant gestures of doubt
Spoken silently

A lonely child inhibits her voice inside
A pantomime of eulogy. thoughts of
Inhibiting the painful cries of rejection.
The serenity from the silent voice, a
Buoyancy of painful soars that remain.
A child requires the soul to heal the
Cruel, mockery and ailing voice that
Destroys the youthful image from rage.

A child was created with innocence.
Conflicting reason to be misunderstood
For her purpose in life. a child is nurtured with
The slurs of hate and envy that try to break
Her youthful image. a child rejection is
Rooted with scornful hatred whose weight
Is the centerpiece of controlling her will
To try to succeed while withdrawn from reality.

A childs refuge lies upon her treatment,
Through the discipline of a parent.
Through the bullying of friends.
A child is rebellious
Afraid to cope with the
Senile ignorance of hate crimes
Of the bitter, cold world.
A childs patience is withdrawn
To committing a self-inflicting wound
Of repugnance.

The abuse is contingent on the
Rage of an innocent child who
Could not know it is wrong.
The childs innocence is taken
Off guard, unaware of her state
Of being. a childs heart is immature,
While she is not responsible
For her own actions. ornate to
Her condition, she is unforgiving
For a self-inflicting wound.