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Crooked Fingers

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Date de parution : 21/01/2003

Durée : 0:03:31

Style : Alternative

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Angelina, out of reach theres no reason now for you to run
Angelina, theres no meaning to all the bad things that were done

Theres just a meanness thats creeping, as you lie there sleeping, thats sneaking around in the dark
So in the morning youll wake to a pounding that could break your weak brittle world all apart

Theres no reason there for you to know
There aint no reason why they always walk away
No good reason they seize you, disease you, then leave you undone
So angelina dont think for one moment youve done something wrong

Angelina, as you weep in your sleep theres an ivory glow
And angelina, you can choose win or lose where your new heart will go

There will be empty spaces where holes fill the places that your sad eyes wants youse to see
And in the mirror your tricks lines you cant lie the race that your life you used to lead (not sure about this line)

There are good things now coming your way
And the good things now are gonna stay
And the good things that stay will all shine as you walk in the sun

Oh angelina what you think is over is only begun
Angelina what you think is over is only begun

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