Paroles de Angery (including the enigma of c.j.)

Rostok Vampires

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Life's no daily routine
Life's no bullshit'n'mean
I give a poor poor advice
I don't want no pride
Who hater what
Hate is what
Hate's what
Angery say angery
The third one is called back
The second one is pain
The first one is dressed in black
Go man'n'solve that game
Who hates what?
(the enigma)
So keep on trying
To hide your thoughts from me
Apodictially shure i won't succeed
I'd like your fearing face to be
Starring into my doggy eyes
It's not being afraid to bleed
I'll always love their marathon...
May it strike's you back in dreams
'cause you believe the things you see
You're getting older
Forget those years
Before you solve man
Face fears
Who hates what?

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