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Dismemberment Plan

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I don't want to win i don't want to make them pay
I just to go my own way my own speed
The things you offer i don't want nor need
I don't want to fight i don't want to hear you talk
I only want to know when to walk and when to run
And i don't want revenge i don't want to save my pride
I only want to know i tried the best i can

I feel you when the cold winds blow
I hear you scratch my front door, and i knew you'd show
Angry angel why don't you let me live my life
I've been trying to tell you all the things you do aint cool
Take your love i belonged to i'm alive now
I feel your feathers brush my back
As i give myself a ????????

Your crystal fang shine by the moon as you ask me you should bite
You treat justice like a whore and you're not even close to right

I don't want to win i don't want to take it there
I know you like to say you care
And that's a sin
And i don't to fight
I don't want the eye for eye
This isn't just a song that i sing its my real life

Well i don't want your help
I don't want to loose my mind
I hear your offer, but, thanks, no, i'm fine

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