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Well im back to win it
Your a big actor init
Got a sick ??? init
Want to be
Your an idiot
I'll relax and finish him
Is he back for meridian
Let him know im killing him
Your never gonna see him
But i said it before
Everyone not gonna ?????
Rape this pussyo
Caught with a 100 shots 3 times
Whos singing if hes out on road
Wait a minute
Coz it will take a minute
See i can take the ????
Plus switch talking about mac 10 and wires
???? can finish
Not a jamaican init
Your a pagan
Please dont mistake him init
But hes a jamaican init
Im not hating init
I got ratings init
My carreer aint finished
I'll be there in a minute
I'll be there in a minute
Dont fear like elizabeth
Ive got him on the ???? again
Draw for the stud again
Let the fassy know hes not ahead again
Lickle brother aint here ??? him
I can see the dead in him
Theres no cure
No tablets
Drugs or medicine
They didnt find no mac in the first place
How you gonna come back like a ???? again
Titch dont like all this glamourous chat again
How you gonna bust kicks
Man on road talking crap about how your back with a mac again
Fall back with a ????
Feds aint my friends
You need them
Protection racket
Like if it goes off in place
I got them in place
Your gonna see all them man backing him
Make jokes like mannerman stabbing him yes
Aint heard about mannerman jacking him
But what about stoney grabbing him
Anybody want to bet money
And back him
3 cars 2 bikes 3 yards and stacks again
Wages are fat again
Big boys back again
Im skating the track again
Im raising the ???? again
Amazing the crowd that came here to clap again
Talk one thing
Got to talk back again
Notice anyone whos on crack again
Im back again,
Back again
Wearing black again
Tall and we're ready
25 goons with a mac again
These boys are the ????
A man thinks why the hell was i backing them
Now hes on the road chatting crap again
And im doing 30 years for the prick
When i visit id be slapping him
I see the crack in him
I dont give a damn whos backing him
Stage or solo
Wileys back again so
Man better realise
Man better know
Got a top 5
And the man behind you aint got 1 let alone you and him
So forget electro
I snap your neck low
Holding on to my status let go
Hyping up that he didnt let the tech(?) go
The thing i smoke is green like pesto
Dont hype with the white lights
For the night
For the night white lies
Why mask me
If you want to know why im the best just ask me
Cant outclass me or harm me
With or without your new army
I sent your whole camp bars
Its on top
Alarm them
Dont alarm me
You've been having a bacon sarnie
Its hardly the walk
Cant par me
Its not gonna happen anymore
Cant scar me again, dark me again
Never break half of your leg
What you owe your brother
You can never pay half of the debt
Cant say that its hard to forget
Its all boom boom boom boom boom
Thats half of your head gone
Now you want to know where half of your heads gone
You can see me any day on a stage and try ???
And thats gonna be the half of your leg gone
First bar after a year it was offbeat
Language barrier sounded like a yankee
Wheres my bruvver now you understand me
Keep on trying it
Do you understand me
Really and truly you cant stand me
I make you angry
Boy better know is my family
Emcees say boy better know out their mouth so much
Really i should beat your ????
Box a man up in the canteen
I dont give a shit what a man seen
My plan aint ?????
Your a plan b
And we know im at the top
Not like you and plan b are
Ask ??? 6 bags are over
You are never gonna catch me
And i didnt get killed in hackney in an alley way
Ask god he'll back me

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