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Saint Vitus

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Date de parution : 27/07/2004

Durée : 0:04:29

Style : Rock

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I don't need the madness that society breeds
I don't need the pressure comin' down on me
Why must you always stare,i ain't no fucking clown
Just want to live without somebody bringing me down
All i want is
To live my life
Easy and free
I don't need
No human bullshit
Prejudice,down on me
Everywhere i wander,i stick out in the crowd
Constantly fight for relief,abuse from all around
Now my mind is twisting,contemplating revenge
But i won't stoop to their level,i refuse to be like them
Hard for me to be happy with sadness all around
Real easy to be angry,ain't no problem to frown
You'll have to prove to me that what i say is a lie
Cause all i see is hatred splashed before my eyes

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