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Are you angry in the morning?
Are you angry late at night?
Are you always ready with violence... to fight?
Well this anger is an illness that will take you away,
It's a never-ending tragedy and it runs from day to day,
Are you angry? are you angry?
Angry! (x2),
You shove me, i'll hit you, i'll make you rue the day,
You cut your card in front of mine i'll make you pay,
You're different from me so you i'll have to hit,
If there's something you don't understand it's better to kill it,
Are you angry? are you angry?
Angry (x3),
I hear that you're a jewish homosexual queer,
I'm afraid i must exterminate, you fill me full of fear,
It's bad for my blood pressure it puts me under strain,
One day i'm gonna die and there'll be so much pain,
I'm angry. i'm so angry.


I'm so angry, i'm going to kick your head in, i don't care,
But it's a mortal sin,
My father he abused me,
My mother i did kill,
Now your guts i'm going to spill,
I'm so angry, i'm so angry
Angry! (x22)


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